Checklist: Omnichannel implementation for fast-growing tech brands

Success can happen in a blink of an eye, but losing site of the customer when scaling can mean losing them altogether. Our omnichannel checklist, created in partnership with Everest Group, is designed to help fast-growing tech companies navigate an omnichannel implementation while keeping the customer experience front and center.


This checklist features:

    • Distilled lessons from CX experts for gaining customer loyalty
    • People, process and technology success factors
    • Budgeting and resource considerations
    • Direct access to our full omnichannel reports created with Everest Group

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    From the checklist:

    A truly landmark moment in the evolution of any company’s growth is when customer service needs to reach a critical, more sophisticated scale. This means looking for ways to provide an exceptional customer experience that is friendly and consistent across all touchpoints and contact channels.