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Posted March 22, 2018

Delivering exceptional customer service is important regardless of industry, but in healthcare, it can mean the difference in a patient’s health outcome.

Studies have proven time and time again that a better patient experience correlates highly with positive clinical results, emphasizing the critical need for a patient-centric approach. For example, research conducted by Press Ganey found that health organizations prioritizing customer service delivery have patients with lower lengths of stay and fewer hospital acquired conditions, while a study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine linked the patient experience to a better adherence of treatment plans.

But improved clinical outcomes are not the only benefit related to the patient experience; prioritizing the human side of healthcare is also linked with key financial indicators. Research from the Gallup Management Journal found that patient engagement predicts hospital performance on EBITA as well as net revenue. Similar studies have also found that a patient-centered model of care leads to lower costs thanks to fewer complications and shorter lengths of stay.

The case for an improved patient experience is clear, but it would not be possible without today’s advancements in technology. Modern health-tech is focused on empowering individuals to take control of their own health journey. From wearable health monitoring devices and online hospital reviews, to artificial intelligence and mobile apps, all are designed to enhance the patient experience at a more personal level.

Although valuable, technology has also contributed to the now exceedingly high expectations of the modern consumer. Across all industries, customers have come to expect physical/digital integration, personalization and mobile capabilities — and these demands are no different in healthcare. But just as poor customer service drives customers to switch brands, relationship quality serves as a significant predictor of patient loyalty.

This new frontier requires highly skilled agents who can solve more complex customer support cases and provide cross-channel consistency of service — all while maintaining a high degree of security certification and training, given their regular access to sensitive information. Backed by TELUS Health, Canada’s largest healthcare IT provider, TELUS International serves the customer experience and digital services needs of today’s healthcare leaders. Our Patient Experience E-Book looks at current trends and best practices, with a focus on turning information and customer interactions into better health outcomes.

The Patient Experience: Optimizing customer service for better health outcomes

Discover industry trends, best practices and expert insights from TELUS International, serving the customer experience and digital services needs of today’s healthcare leaders.

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