Employee feature: Meet Maribelle – geared towards growth

During her job interview 12 years ago, TELUS International recruiter asked Maribelle Ramos what success meant to her. At first, she was dumbfounded by the question.

After giving it some thought, she answered like this: “Success is not about gaining material things; it’s about finding what you love and what will make you happy, growing with it and being able to pay it forward.”

Maribelle, or Belle as she is more commonly known, started her career at TELUS International Philippines in 2003 as a Customer Service Representative for a large computer manufacturing client. Just a year into her tenure with the company, her growth moved into high gear, as she landed a position of Sales Coach. Just a few months later, Belle was promoted to Team Leader, and later Operations Manager, a position she still holds eight years later for a different account.

People empowerment at its best

Belle believes that the success of her account relies heavily on the partnership that her team has developed with the client. TELUS International team members have earned such a level of trust that, she says, the client no longer sees them as an outsourced provider, but more of a partner and advisor. When team members make suggestions for process-related improvements, those changes routinely find their way into the client’s action plan.

In addition to that level of partnership, Belle loves how closely aligned the TELUS International values are to the client’s own. Like TELUS International, the client empowers their team members to provide world class customer service to its customers by having all of their Team Leaders and coaches undergo a rigorous training certification program called Switch Gear.

TELUS International pays it forward

Among the many hats that Belle has worn in her tenure with TELUS International, one of her favorites is that of a Community Social Responsibility point of contact. She vividly remembers back in the days of Typhoon Ondoy, the calamity that brought so much devastation to the metro Manila area in 2009, when TELUS International held a 24/7 hotline for its team members. Belle remembers the first two people she saw volunteering to man the hotline. They were two very senior TELUS International executives.

“The whole thing was never for show,” says Belle. “Seeing executives in the midst of action is something you won’t see very often in other companies. It was a testament to our culture that truly cares for the community where we live, work and serve, and for the team members who are the bread and butter of the company.”  That caring culture, Belle believes, is unparalleled.

Team member quote

TELUS maintains an atmosphere conducive to the development, engagement and healthy living of their employees. You can definitely tell that the management team cares about employee well-being.

Tabitha, customer service representative

Did you know?

Award! Skillsoft, a global leader in learning and talent management, recently recognized TELUS International with an honorable mention for Empowering Continuous Talent Development.