E-book: Fintech and the customer experience​ – best practices, trends and insights

Posted February 15, 2017

Customers today have higher expectations than ever before. They also have more options. For every financial service, there is now at least a handful of fintech companies offering a solution that’s available right at the customers’ fingertips.

It’s easy to argue that fintechs are changing the finance industry for the better. They tend to put more focus on the customer and often cater to previously under-served consumers, forcing incumbents to examine their own costs and quality of service.

In many cases, customer adoption has been swift, with many fintech companies boasting hundreds of thousands of users, or more. Adoption is doubling year over year, according to EY. However, developing and launching an innovative product or service is only half the battle. Start-ups are great at launching products, but sustaining a brand experience throughout the entire customer journey requires a different set of competencies.

Both traditional financial firms and upstarts need robust customer support practices in place in order to ensure loyalty, retention and growth. The articles in this e-book take a closer look at customer service best practices, trends and expert insights as they relate to the financial services industry, with a focus on fintech.

We know this collection will prove helpful in the never-ending quest to meet and exceed customer needs and expectations.

E-book: Fintech and the customer experience

Best practices, trends and expert insights

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