E-book: Customer service in gaming – How to “pwn” at player support

Discover best practices for exceptional customer service in gaming from TELUS International, a leader in outsourced player support.

Key Takeaways

  • Gaming companies are increasingly using customer service as a differentiator to attract and retain players.
  • Customer service in gaming e-book is now available, featuring best practices, trends and insights from experts in the industry.
  • Learn how to manage the distinct customer support needs of gamers, from console, to mobile, to MMO and more.

Posted August 9, 2017

The gaming industry is undergoing dramatic change as customer service becomes another battlefield for winning over players. Generally speaking, however, product development and the critical function known as player support have not always gone hand-in-hand. For most studios, game development often absorbs the lion’s share of time and attention – for them, it’s all about the release of the game, the company’s core business and “raison d’être.”

No doubt, player support is often a secondary concern. But, given that the online games economy relies heavily on attracting and retaining players, and then moving them to recurring or micro payments, the lack of good player support can be damaging to gaming companies’ bottom lines. A growing player base requires happy players. Recurring payments require recurring customers. A player support strategy must factor in somewhere – and studios are starting to take notice.

Game studios and publishers have a massive opportunity right now. As the industry becomes increasingly fragmented and competitive, smart game studios can extend their game lifecycle and improve the value of their brand by providing better service.

At TELUS International, we serve some of the largest gaming titles in the industry. From console, to mobile, to social, to MMO – we’ve done it all, and understand what it takes to delight players and keep them loyal. Every touchpoint with a player is an opportunity to deliver an exceptional customer experience, to stand out from the crowd, create brand loyalty, increase a player’s lifetime value and even use real-time feedback to improve games. All of these have a direct impact on the bottom line.

Gamers are continuously looking for the latest and greatest in terms of graphics, storytelling, soundtracks and playability, and their expectations for customer service and player support are no different. The Customer service in gaming e-book offers tips, tricks and best practices for gaming customer service, backed by the knowledge and experience that a strong player support strategy can serve as a real ‘game-changer’ in the industry.

Customer service in gaming: How to “pwn” at player support

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